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OWNER - Outlaws-Edge

Name: David James (the Boss but not when chantelle is around) 

Position: Owner/ Coach

Location:  Bayswater but looks over Cheer Factor and the Ville

Classes/Teams for 2020: 

Hot shots (hotties) 

Sheriffs (MEGS) 

Golden girls (GIGS) 

Notorious (Spuds )

Training Experience:  

- I cheered for 7 years from 2005-2013 Broken Years

- I Was part of one of the first ever level 5 teams in Australia 

being on the first ever Team Australia 

- I was Team Australia Captain for 2 years 

- I was the flag bearer for Australia at the ICU games

Been on 3 Team Australia 

- I was un defeated in partner stunt for over 3 years

Has been on TV for doing Cheerleading 

- I was the first Australian to cheer at Cheer Athletics one of the best programs known in the world.

- I was the first Australian to Win a NCA Title (the biggest comp in the world) not only that but I was GRAND CHAMPION HIGHEST SCORING ROUTINE OUT OF 20,000 ATHLETES 

- I was the first Australian to compete at worlds with a Non Australian team 

- I Was the first Australian to get 2nd at the cheerleading world championships 

Work Experience: 

- Been coaching for now 15 years

- I have won over 60 or 70 GRAND CHAMPIONS titles

- Was the first Australian Coach to Win a NCA (THE BIGGEST CHEERLEADING COMP IN THE WORLD) With our level 3 teams With Dale 

- Was one of the first Australian Coach to come not only 3rd but 2nd at a cheerleading world championships 

- Have coached more then 9 teams to the world championships 

- Was the first coach to win a FULLY PAID bid to the world championships from AASCF in level 5 

- Have taking multiply teams over to Compete at international comps

- Was part of the Hawaii Level 2 team who took out Not only nationals Champions but took the highest scoring for that comp in 2018 with the amazing Leon


OWNER - Outlaws-Edge
Coach of: X
Highlights: X



 Dale Wigney

Position: Director

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Notorious

Training Experience: Credentialed level 1-6, cheering for 11 years

Work Experience: 11 years cheer coaching

Tom Wohling

Position: Director

Location: Somerville/Bayswater

Teams for 2020: Generals, Black Angels, Black Ops, Reckless & Young Guns

Training Experience: Level 1-6 Qualified, 2020 is my 12th season

Work Experience: 2020 is my 10th year coaching cheerleading



Dajan Reynolds 

Position: Administration Director, 2IC Apparel & Coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Shooters

Training Experience:  I have 19 Years Dance training & 4 years cheerleading training.

Work experience: This year is my 7th season working for Outlaws-Edge! Credentialed to level 1 & 2.



Nicola Salter

Position: Director / Coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Sheriffs and Kelly Girls

Training Experience:  8 years of Cheer Training including 4 World Championships

Work Experience: 

High school - Windaroo Valley High

ZSA - Panthers, Pride and Tigers 

Outlaws - Bandits, Fury, Young Guns, Caliber, Deputies, Bullets NCA, Heat, Senior Stealth, Sharp Shooters, Black Ops + Hawaii, Black Angels, Sheriffs, Kelly Girls + Kelly Worlds

Corey Wood

Position: Director/Coach Location: Bayswater Class/Teams for 2020: Notorious, C4, Code Black, Sharp Shooters, Triggers and level 1 to 6 Tumble Classes. Training Experience: I’ve had 10 years of training experience on some of the top teams in the country & world such as Brisbane Tigers, ZSA Southern Tigers, Outlaws Notorious & Cheer Athletics Wildcats. Work Experience: I have been coaching for 6 year all over the country and had 7 months in Texas USA learning from some of the top cheer coaches in the world. I have coached Southern Tigers form ZSA and I have coached Young gun, Senior Stealth, Freedom, Black Ops, Lady Lieutenants, Smoke, Blaze, Triggers, Rebels, Recon, Shooters, Rogues, Sharp Shooters, Bombshells, C4, Generals, Code Black & Notorious from Outlaws.



Ebony Ross Position: Admin/Coach Location: Both Somerville and Bayswater Classes/Teams for 2020: Training with Delta and Coaching Shooters Work Experience: worked admin for 3 years with outlaws, coached for Deakin for 4 years prior to coaching with outlaws, this is my first year coaching with Outlaws



Toby Menzies

Name: Toby Menzies 

Position: Coach 

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Bandits, Smoke, Rebels , Recon and tumble classes 

Training Experience:  I have been cheering for 15 years 

Work Experience: 4 years of coaching squads and tumble classes ( deputies -2016 , Blaze - 2017 , Blaze - 2018 Blaze , bandits and rebels - 2019 Bandits , Rebels , Smoke , Recon - 2020 ) 

Samantha Nally

Name: Samantha Nally

Position: Cheer Coach 

Location: Bayswater

Teams for 2020: S.W.A.T., Bullets, Hot Shots, Sharp Shooters

Training Experience: This is my 12th year competing and my 10th year with Outlaws! 

Work Experience: I’ve been coaching for 6 years

Kyle Khaki

Name: Kyle Kahaki

Position: Team coach/ tumble coach

Location: Bayswater & Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Triggers, Bullets, Recon, Black Angels, Generals 

Training Experience: Cheerleading cert level 1-6, Gymnastics level 0-1.

Work Experience:Zoo athletics, Zoo Southern allstars, Outlaws Allstars

Ashleigh Puleio

Name: Ashleigh Puleio 

Position: Assistant Coach 

Location: Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Heat

Training Experience: 17 years of Dance training followed by 4 years of Cheerleading

Work Experience: This is my third year of coaching at Outlaws and have been lucky enough to coach over those years Fury, Young Guns, Caliber, Renegades, Senior Stealth and Heat. I have also previously taught Dance and Sport Aerobics for 4 years.

Alex Hughes

Name: Alex Hughes

Position: Coach 

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams 2020: C4 [Coach]

Training Experience: 9 years [Bullets, Deakin, Magnums, C4, Notorious]

Work Experience: 

7 years coaching [Shooters, Deakin, Sharpshooters, C4]

Maddison Powell

Maddie Powell 

Position: coach & athlete 

Location: Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: reckless, heat & senior stealth 

Training Experience: credentialed to level 3. Started at outlaws in 2015, trained with senior stealth: 2015-2016, blops 2016, Hawaii bullets 2016, black angels 2017, Hawaii black ops 2017, bombshells 2018, kelly worlds 2018, lady lieutenants 2019, c4 2019, kelly girls 2020. 

Work Experience: 

Fury 2016-2018

Young guns 2016-2018

Caliber 2016-2019

Reckless 2018-2020

Renegades 2019

Heat 2018 & 2020

Stealth 2017-2020

Blops 2018-2019

Leon Hopkins-Gamble

Leon Hopkins-Gamble

Position: Coach & Athlete

Location: Somerville & Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Black Ops, Golden Girls, Generals

Training Experience: Trained as an athlete at Outlaws for 6 years, and 8 years overall

Work Experience: Coached at Outlaws for 5 years, credentialed to L5

Katerina Gallucci

Katerina Gallucci

Position: Cheer Coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Futuretives, SWAT, Rebels, Hotshots, Tumble and Flyers classes

Training Experience: I’ve been competing for 18 years 

Work Experience: I’ve been coaching for 6 years

Stacey Kern

Stacey Kern

Position: Coach

Location: Somerville and Bayswater

Teams for 2020: Caliber, Smoke, Heat and Stealth

Training experience: 14 years of cheerleading training

Work experience: 3 years of coaching including Deputies, Young Guns, Caliber, Smoke, Futuretives, Heat and Stealth

Fiona King

 Fiona King

Position: Coach

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Deputies

Training Experience: 6 years cheerleading

Work Experience: Head Coach of Carrington All Stars since 2008. We competed in school dance and cheer competitions from 2008. level 1 credentialed

Shelly Hopkins


Position: Coach

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Rogues (summit) and Code Black

Training Experience: (your credentials & years cheerleading) I have been cheerleading for 16 years and credentialed levels 1-6

Work Experience: 6 years of coaching


Emily Kulonja

Emma Azzopardi

Emily Kulonja 

Position: coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Dev 2 and Deputies 

Training experience: 7 years of cheerleading training at outlaws 

Work experience: two years of coaching

Emma Azzopardi

Position: Junior coach

Location: Outlaws Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Smoke, Baby Bandits and Dev 2

Training Experience: 12 years of cheer training 

Work Experience: 4 years coaching Baby Bandits and Deputies

Phoebe Clarkson

Phoebe Clarkson

Position: assistant coach

Location: Bayswater 

Class/team for 2020: Development 2

Training experience: 9 years cheerleading 

Work experience: 2014-15 bandits, 2016 baby bandits, 2017 blaze, 2018 future-tives, 2019 deputies & 2020 Dev 2

Kayla Russell

Position: Coach

Location: Bayswater

Classes / Teams: SWATS

Training Experience: Intro 1

Work Experience: 3 years coaching

Kayla Russell


Position: tumble coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: sharpshooters tumble class 

Training Experience: 15 years training level 1-7

Work Experience: 8 years coaching level 1-7

Jayden Sims

Ellie Fisher

Ellie Fisher 

Position: Coach 

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Bandits, Deputies, Rebels, Sharp Shooters, Flyers, Tumbling & Rec 

Training Experience: I have been cheering for 12 years, danced for 5 years and was a gymnast was 5 years 

Work Experience: 5 years coaching squads and flyers, 4 years coaching tumbling classes. (Bullets (2015), Blaze (2016), Deputies (2017), Blaze (2018), Bandits, Blaze & Rebels (2019) I am credentialed levels 1-3.

Taleah Pullar

Taleah Pullar 

Position: Assistant Coach

Location: Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Young Guns 

Training experience: 10 years of cheer 

Work experience: 3 years of coaching


Trinnity Piva 

Trinnity Piva 

Position: Cadet 

Location: Bayswater (athlete) Somerville (coach) 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Kelly Girl and Kelly Worlds

Training Experience: Level 1-6 

Work Experience: Recruits, and Caliber. cadets 2020.

Mia Potts 


position : Cadet 

Location : Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020 :Young guns 

Training experience : 10 years cheer , 2 years 5/6 and 8 years of dancing 

Work Experience : Cadet training program

Bella Stone

Bella Stone

Position: cadet coach for Reckless

Location: Somerville

Classes/teams for 2020: Reckless squad training and Reckless tumble

Training experience: danced for 4 years and cheered for 9 years

Work experience: cadet coaching since February 2020.

Jodie Wilson

Jodie Wilson 

Position: Coaching Cadet 

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Triggers and S.W.A.T.S  tumble class

Training experience: 6 years of Cheerleading 

Work Experience: Cadet for 2020 

Charli Hart

Charli Hart 

Position: Cadet 

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Deputies 

Training experience: I have been cheering for 11 years 

Work experience: Cadet Program 2020

Erin Doupe


Position: Cadet

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/teams for 2020: future-tives

Training Experience : cheering for 7 years

Work Experience : Cadet program for 2020 and a gymnastics coach for 3 years 

Shaniya Cubillo


position: cadet

location: Bayswater classes/teams: hotshots - sheriffs training experience: sheriffs 2019 generals 2019 work experience: Cadet for 2020

Daniel Rooney


Position: Coach

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Recon

Training Experience: 3 years

Work Experience: 6 months cadet coaching

Amy Salter

Amy Salter 

Position: Cadet 

Location: Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Heat 

Training Experience: I have been cheerleading since 2015

Work Experience: I have coaching since 2018, first starting at Jungle Cats, but this is my first year coaching at Outlaws

Kathrine Bryant

Kat Bryant

Position: Cadet

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Rebels

Training Experience:  7 years of cheering  Work Experience: this is my first year of volunteer work

Jamie Cooksey


Position: Cadet coach 

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Smoke 

Training Experience: 9 years training with outlaws 

Work Experience: Cadet program 

COVID-19 Update

We are  over the moon to announce that we will be back for term 3 in our studios as of Monday July 13! If you have not received our newsletter for June/July regarding COVID-19 updates, Please email us via info@outlaws-edge.com.au 

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