Position: Owner/ Coach

Location: Bayswater, Somerville & Cheer Factor Owner

Classes/Teams for 2020: Hot shots, Sheriffs, Golden Girls, Notorious

Training Experience:  

Cheerleader from 2005-2013 

Team Australia Captain for 2 years 

Undefeated in partner stunt for over 3 years

First Australian to cheer at Cheer Athletics

First Australian to Win NCA & NCA Grand Champion

Work Experience: 

15 years of coaching experience

Won over 70 Grand Champion titles

Was the first Australian Coach to Win at NCA.

First (new divisions)  Level 6 Australian Coach to Globe at The USASF Cheerleading Worlds.

Won Grand Champion of the Global Cheer & Dance games in 2019



Position: Owner/ Coach

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020:  Future-tives, Kelly Girls & Kelly Worlds

Training Experience:  

Dancer 1988 - 2015, Cheerleader from 2005-2013 
Competed at Worlds 9 times across multiple Cheer & Dance divisions

First Australian to Win the USASF Worlds
Competed on Cheer Athletics AG 6 (now AG 7)  

Work Experience: 

15+ years of coaching experience

First (new divisions) Level 6 Australian Coach to Globe at The USASF Cheerleading Worlds
USASF 1-7 Credentialed




Position: Administration Director, 2IC Apparel & Coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Shooters

Training Experience:  I have 19 Years Dance training & 4 years cheerleading training.

Work experience: This year is my 7th season working for Outlaws-Edge! Credentialed to level 1 & 2.


Position: Director

Location: Somerville/Bayswater

Teams for 2020: Generals, Black Angels, Black Ops, Reckless & Young Guns

Training Experience: Level 1-6 Qualified, 2020 is my 12th season

Work Experience: 2020 is my 10th year coaching cheerleading



Position: Director / Coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Sheriffs and Kelly Girls

Training Experience:  8 years of Cheer Training including 4 World Championships

Work Experience: 

High school - Windaroo Valley High

ZSA - Panthers, Pride and Tigers 

Outlaws - Bandits, Fury, Young Guns, Caliber, Deputies, Bullets NCA, Heat, Senior Stealth, Sharp Shooters, Black Ops + Hawaii, Black Angels, Sheriffs, Kelly Girls + Kelly Worlds



Position: Director

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Notorious

Training Experience: Cheering for 11 years, competed in USA on Stingray All Stars Rust

Work Experience: 11 years cheer coaching



Position: Director/Coach Location: Bayswater Class/Teams for 2020: Notorious, C4, Code Black, Sharp Shooters, Triggers and level 1 to 6 Tumble Classes.
Training Experience: I’ve had 10 years of training experience on some of the top teams in the country & world such as Brisbane Tigers, ZSA Southern Tigers, Outlaws Notorious & Cheer Athletics Wildcats.
Work Experience: I have been coaching for 6 year all over the country and had 7 months in Texas USA learning from some of the top cheer coaches in the world.
Teams Coached: Southern Tigers form ZSA and I have coached Young gun, Senior Stealth, Freedom, Black Ops, Lady Lieutenants, Smoke, Blaze, Triggers, Rebels, Recon, Shooters, Rogues, Sharp Shooters, Bombshells, C4, Generals, Code Black & Notorious from Outlaws.




Katerina Gallucci

Position: Cheer Coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Futuretives, SWAT, Rebels, Hotshots, Tumble and Flyers classes

Training Experience: I’ve been competing for 18 years 

Work Experience: I’ve been coaching for 6 years


Stacey Kern

Position: Coach

Location: Somerville and Bayswater

Teams for 2020: Caliber, Smoke, Heat and Stealth

Training Experience: 14 years of cheerleading training

Work Experience: 3 years of coaching including Deputies, Young Guns, Caliber, Smoke, Futuretives, Heat and Stealth


Toby Menzies

Position: Coach 

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Bandits, Smoke, Rebels , Recon and tumble classes 

Training Experience:  I have been cheering for 15 years 

Work Experience: 4 years of coaching squads and tumble classes ( deputies -2016 , Blaze - 2017 , Blaze - 2018 Blaze , bandits and rebels - 2019 Bandits , Rebels , Smoke , Recon - 2020 ) 


Maddison Powell

Position: coach & athlete 

Location: Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: reckless, heat & senior stealth 

Training Experience: credentialed to level 3. Started at outlaws in 2015, trained with senior stealth: 2015-2016, blops 2016, Hawaii bullets 2016, black angels 2017, Hawaii black ops 2017, bombshells 2018, kelly worlds 2018, lady lieutenants 2019, c4 2019, kelly girls 2020. 

Work Experience: 

Fury 2016-2018, Young guns 2016-2018, Caliber 2016-2019, Reckless 2018-2020, Renegades 2019, Heat 2018 & 2020, Stealth 2017-2020, Blops 2018-2019


Leon Hopkins-Gamble

Position: Coach & Athlete

Location: Somerville & Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Black Ops, Golden Girls, Generals

Training Experience: Trained as an athlete at Outlaws for 6 years, and 8 years overall

Work Experience: Coached at Outlaws for 5 years, credentialed to L5


Ellie Fisher

Position: Coach 

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Bandits, Deputies, Rebels, Sharp Shooters, Flyers, Tumbling & Rec 

Training Experience: I have been cheering for 12 years, danced for 5 years and was a gymnast was 5 years 

Work Experience: 5 years coaching squads and flyers, 4 years coaching tumbling classes. (Bullets (2015), Blaze (2016), Deputies (2017), Blaze (2018), Bandits, Blaze & Rebels (2019) I am credentialed levels 1-3.


Ashleigh Puleio

Position: Assistant Coach 

Location: Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Heat

Training Experience: 17 years of Dance training followed by 4 years of Cheerleading

Work Experience: This is my third year of coaching at Outlaws and have been lucky enough to coach over those years Fury, Young Guns, Caliber, Renegades, Senior Stealth and Heat. I have also previously taught Dance and Sport Aerobics for 4 years.


Alex Hughes

Position: Coach 

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams 2020: C4 [Coach]

Training Experience: 9 years [Bullets, Deakin, Magnums, C4, Notorious]

Work Experience: 

7 years coaching [Shooters, Deakin, Sharpshooters, C4]


Emma Azzopardi

Position: Junior coach

Location: Outlaws Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Smoke, Baby Bandits and Dev 2

Training Experience: 12 years of cheer training 

Work Experience: 4 years coaching Baby Bandits and Deputies

em k.jpg

Emily Kulonja

Position: coach

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Dev 2 and Deputies 

Training experience: 7 years of cheerleading training at outlaws 

Work experience: two years of coaching


Taleah Pullar

Position: Assistant Coach

Location: Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Young Guns 

Training experience: 10 years of cheer 

Work experience: 3 years of coaching


Kayla Russell

Position: Coach

Location: Bayswater

Classes / Teams: SWATS

Training Experience: Intro 1

Work Experience: 3 years coaching



Trinnity Piva 

Position: Cadet 

Location: Bayswater (athlete) Somerville (coach) 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Kelly Girl and Kelly Worlds

Training Experience: Level 1-6 

Work Experience: Recruits, and Caliber. cadets 2020.


Mia Potts 

Position: Cadet 

Location: Somerville 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Young guns 

Training experience: 10 years cheer , 2 years 5/6 and 8 years of dancing 

Work Experience: Cadet training program


Bella Stone

Position: cadet coach for Reckless

Location: Somerville

Classes/teams for 2020: Reckless squad training and Reckless tumble

Training experience: danced for 4 years and cheered for 9 years

Work experience: cadet coaching since February 2020.

kat b.jpg

Kathrine Bryant

Position: Cadet

Location: Bayswater

Classes/Teams for 2020: Rebels

Training Experience:  7 years of cheering 
Work Experience: this is my first year of volunteer work


Charli Hart

Position: Cadet 

Location: Bayswater 

Classes/Teams for 2020: Deputies 

Training experience: I have been cheering for 11 years 

Work experience: Cadet Program 2020


We asked our staff "What does a good leader look like?", and "What values to you endeavour to bring into your work environment?".

Here are some of their answers!

As coaches, we aim to build up our athletes both physically and mentally. We strive to help our athletes feel confident in themselves and their abilities and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. 

Accountability is a crucial foundation within our program as it encourages discipline and responsibility. It keeps us and our athletes responsible for our actions, ultimately keeping us on track to achieving our goals. When we are accountable, we are there for one another, helping our team become a family. 

Communication is a vital skill, allowing for effective understanding between coaches, athletes and families. It is important to us to have excellent communication skills as it is crucial in the development and progression of our athletes. Having the ability to effectively interact with each athlete, to meet their needs allows our students to learn and grow, while creating trust and unbreakable bonds between athletes and their coaches.


The more you know, the better you can do almost anything - Knowledge is power.

You have to know how to adapt to judges feedback, how to adapt to support each team and athlete, how to work alongside others and confidently communicate with them. By learning as much as we can, asking questions and getting feedback, we expand our knowledge and therefore have the opportunity to pass on our knowledge to our students.