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Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Most commonly seen in the ‘Bring It On’ movie franchise, it is one of the very few competitive coed sports. Cheerleading is fantastic and extremely athletic activity involving - jumps and tumbling, stunts, motions and a little bit of dance choreography.


It is a unique and fun way to build fitness, make close and
long-lasting friendships and can assist in improving one’s self-esteem.
Here at Outlaws-Edge, our experienced coaches support all
our athletes in learning about teamwork, persistence,
resilience, patience and of course positive and respectful sportsmanship..

We now have a tier system in place that allows people with all
different levels of commitment and ability; whether you just want
to give it a bit of a go, or work towards the World Championships,
we have a team available.

Contact us now for a FREE trial class 
see what it's all about and learn why we love the life!



Junior All Girl Pyramid

All Star competitive cheerleading is not to be confused with sideline cheerleading with pom poms, we don’t use poms here. Teams are usually made up of 8 to 36 athletes forming either all girl or coed teams and are placed together based on age categories and skill level. We take students from any age; 3- 60+, at any ability level; very beginner to very advanced!


Levels range from 1 to 6 and our coaches create 2 minute and 30 second routines that have a combination elements; stunts, tumbling, jumps, pyramid and a dance break. Team perform and compete at several competitions throughout the year locally, interstate and some of our teams travel internationally to compete at various championships around the world.


We take student at any age, it’s never too late to get involved with cheerleading! We take athletes from 3 years to 60 plus, at any ability level; from absolute beginner to very advanced, we have a team for you! You can see an example of some of our teams’ past routines in our Gallery 

Dual Base Scorpion
Partner Stunt Lib
Dual Base Heel Stretch


Want to know more?

If you are enquiring near the end of the season, for the following year, we have our Team Placement session you can come along to. Check out our Club News for detailed information on when these will be held.

If you’d like to speak to someone directly, please call
(03) 9729 4539 for Bayswater or (03) 5976 8809 for Somerville during our business hours. 

If you can’t get through to a specific venue, you are welcome to call the other venue and we can still help you there.


Teams are formed based on a combination of the stunting and tumbling ability of athletes. We will discuss your placement with you once you have attended your team placement session.

The age brackets are based on the age of the athlete during the year of competition.

For example: If you are entering in the 'Tiny' division, the athlete must be 6 years or younger during that year. If they turn 7, it must be after the 31st of December of that year.

Please contact reception for more information on which age category you or your child should be placed in.

Want to learn more about competitive cheerleading? Click the button below to find out more about our competitive program.


Bandits - 3-6 years - Bayswater

S.W.A.T.S - 6-9 years - Bayswater

Future-tives - 8 years & under - Bayswater

Reckless - 14 years & under - Somerville

Deputies - 14 years & under - Bayswater

Young Guns - 12 years & under - Somerville

Smoke - 10-18 years - Bayswater

Triggers - 10-18 years - Bayswater

Caliber - 14 years & over - Somerville


Rebels - 14 years & under - Bayswater

Heat - 14 years & under - Somerville

Bullets -10-18 years - Bayswater

Shooters - 14 years & over - Bayswater
Recon - 14 years & over - Bayswater


Black Angels - 14 years & over - Somerville

Sheriffs - 10-18 years - Bayswater

Bombshells - 14 years & over - Bayswater

C4 (coed) -14 years & over - Bayswater



Hot Shots - 10-18 years - Bayswater

Black Ops - 10-18 years - Somerville

Sharp Shooters - 14 years & over - Bayswater

Code Black (Co-Ed) - 16+ years - Bayswater
Golden Girls - 10-18 years - Bayswater

Kelly Girls - 14 years & over - Bayswater

Notorious (coed) - 14 years & over - Bayswater


If you love cheerleading but aren’t quite available or ready for the full commitment that comes with doing a
competitive team then recreation cheerleading is perfect for you!


Recreational cheer can be a pathway to competitive cheer or simply just something students do to keep fit,
have fun and make new friends. During these classes, our coaches will go through the basics of cheerleading
and how to safety execute stunts and tumble skills.


Classes available at both Bayswater and Somerville locations!

  • Only once a week training

  • No need for any competitions or uniforms

  • BUT still get to perform at our end of year Showcase

  • Just focus on having fun and getting skills in your own time

  • All ages and abilities welcome!

Get in touch now and learn for yourself what cheerleading is all about!